Piano Games

I've also created a few beginning piano games over the years! Most of these I made by hand in my early teaching years, and later I decided to spruce them up, and make digital download versions available for other piano teachers & parents to use too. 

In this great deal. You get all three of the beginning games together in a studio licensed bundle.

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Musical Memory is a classic memory matching game with a musical twist that reinforces sight reading notes, note values, clef signs, and spatial memory. 

Piano Land is similar to Candyland in that you flip over a card and move to the key you are shown. This game is a race to the top of the keyboard that builds confidence in keyboard awareness and topography by using your actual piano keyboard for the playing field. The game also includes landmark notes as an optional add-in for elementary level students. 

Hands Down is a traditional board game race around the board. Before you can move however, you must match the finger numbers to the correct key.  This assists students in finger numbers, key & note names, and placing their hands on the different positions with confidence! 

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